These proven steps will teach you exactly how to handle your emotional eating and result iN

Having more control of your body and food choices

Freedom to enjoy food without feeling guilty

Release of unwanted weight

Kick Ass Confidence! 

Do you feel out of control with food and overeat too much?

Do you know what you are supposed to eat and still make "bad" choices?

Do you eat do to emotions and stess?

I’ve put together the Overcoming Emotional Eating Guide because you are not alone! Over 43% of women in the United States alone have reported over eating when stressed, bored, or upset.  While more women suffer from problematic eating, any man can also use this guide too!

Meet Stacy, a previous client of mine.  Stacy came to me back in August because she wanted to lose weight and feel more confident in her skin.  We worked together for 3 months uncovering her ways of sabotage and steps she can take to make small changes so she would stop reaching and relying on food to lift her mood.
During the first two weeks together I gave her these exact three steps to get her started on the road to recovery from emotional eating.  She has told me that they were three golden nuggets that helped her change how she felt about herself and helped her understand more about her reasons for overeating.  


While there are other steps and actions Stacy has taken to fully heal from her problematic eating, everyone can start with these 3 steps and begin healing ASAP!

Meet Meaghan, The Self Love Fitness Coach

Meaghan helps woman heal from compulsive and emotional eating and see their true beauty when they look in the mirror. After working with me clients are able to live a healthier life, mentally, emotionally, and physically

Is this guide for you?

 This guide isn’t for everyone. This guide focuses on assisting you to heal from compulsive and emotional eating and gain control of your life.  If you can commit 5 minutes a day to these 3 steps, you too can begin to control your emotional eating habits.